About Hegra Immigration

Here at Hegra Immigration we are a family. We are also all immigrants ourselves. And so we care about you. We want to help you because we understand what you’re going through.

It’s hard making such a big change, but we are here for you, to answer any questions you may have.

Our family at Hegra Immigration are:

Fadwa Kolta

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RCIC# R523026

Fadwa has lived in Canada since 2009 when she moved there with her family. She studied there, made new friends and eventually started her own family.

In 2011 she started working with international students at the George Brown College International center. Since then she has known that she wanted to help families come to Canada. It was then that she decided to study to become an RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) and has helped many students, spouses, parents and children.

She is fluent in Arabic and English,

Zuzana Chovancova

RCIC# R521991

Zuzana Chovancova is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who immigrated with her family to Canada in 1991.   While working at York University as an International Student Advisor she discovered her passion in the immigration field.  She assisted thousands of international students with study permits, visas and work permits including the Post Graduation Work Permit.

When she is not working with clients, Zuzana can be found hiking with her dog along the shores of Lake Simcoe or cross-country skiing.  She also enjoys travelling to foreign countries to learn about various cultures.

She is fluent in Slovak, Czech, and English.

Samira Raouda

RCIC# R526598

Samira is an Immigration Consultant and Education Advisor practicing with professionalism, care and transparency.

She was originally born and raised in Brazil but has been living in Canada over 30 years.

Samira specializes in the Brazilian market, helping mostly students even after they come to Canada in the form of homestay.

She is fluent in Portuguese and English. 

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