Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common question of all is actually “What does Hegra mean?!”

Hegra in Arabic means Immigration. At the start of our business Hegra Immigration was made up of only one consultant: Fadwa Kolta.

Fadwa is originally from Egypt and wanted to be able to use her second language to help Arabic speaking clients find a way to come and have a great life here in Canada.

As our business grew, we started getting clients from all over the world as well as a diverse group of consultants to help them on their journey here.

We welcome and love to work with everyone!


1- Can you guarantee the outcome of my file?

NO. And that goes for every other immigration representative out there. No one can or should guarantee the outcome of your file. If they do be very wary of them.

2- Are your prices fair (i.e. how do I know I’m not getting ripped off?)

Yes our prices are very fair. Therefore we’d like to take this opportunity to warn you: do NOT be fooled by advertisements that quote you extremely low or extremely high fees. They are almost always illegal agents that are not authorized to represent you to IRCC.

3- How can I know if an RCIC ( Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant ) is authorized to give me immigration advice?

To make sure that you are getting advice from an Immigration Consultant, please ask them for their RCIC number. You can use the following link to authenticate them: Find an Immigration Professional

You will also find a “Verify our status with ICCRC ” link on our About page. If you would like to verify us, we encourage you to do so.

4- What is an RCIC?

An RCIC is a certified member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). We are authorized by both the Canadian and provincial governments to handle immigration matters.

RCICs are required to complete a thorough training, and become licenced, in order to qualify to assist you. We must have a knowledge of the various Immigration laws and regulations. We must also be able to demonstrate an ability to represent our clients in an ethical manner. Finally we must also abide by ICCRC mandated Rules of Professional Conduct. These ensure that RCICs serve the client’s best interests.