Did you know that Canada is one of the leading Countries with doors open to International students?

In 2000 122, 665 study permits approved for international students. In 2018 that number increased to 572,415. That’s a 467% increase in only 8 years!

University of Canada statistics say that the number of full-time students at universities rose by about 15% across Canada in only one year, between 2017 and 2018.

There are so many options available to International students in Canada.. From colleges to universities, a variety of programs exist. As well as much needed support and assistance. For example, for those who do well in their studies there is an option to apply for financial scholarships in some schools.

Hegra Immigration can assist you in finding the perfect place for you to study and take care of all the paperwork as well.

Panoramic photo of the cityscape of Toronto, Ontario taken from Centre Island.