New Immigrants

Did you know that as a new permanent resident of Canada you are entitled to many resources benefits?

These include:

1- Public Health Insurance (Universal Health-Care System):

This is a free service that is paid for by taxes. There are different waiting times (depending on the province) to receive a health card. Once you receive it most of your health care services will be free.

Every province and territory has different coverage for their health insurance plan. You will need to make sure you know what is covered in your specific area.

2- English and/or French Language Lessons:

There are two official languages in Canada. English and French. Having strong language skills will allow you to have an easier transition once you are in Canada. Finding a job will be easier, as well as studying at school, socializing, accessing resources/services etc.

Try to improve your language skills before you come to Canada. Once you are in Canada, English and/or French classes will also be available to you for free while you are a permanent resident.

3- Immigrant-Serving Organizations:

These immigrant-serving organizations (ISOs) offer different programs and activities that will allow you to meet/connect with other newcomers to Canada.

Some of the services ISOs offer include helping you:

1- Register for language classes.

2- Find a place to live.

3- Look for a job.

4- Sign up your kids for school.

5- Fill out forms and applications.

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